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<!-- Vote Code Start --> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> <!-- function external_vote(voteform) { var index = voteform.n.selectedIndex; var score = voteform.n.options[index].value; var sid = voteform.sid.value; if (score != '') { var url = "http://www.directory.m106.com/vote.php?sid="+sid+"&n="+score ; window.open(url, "vote","width=200,height=120"); }} //--> </script> <table bgcolor=#F6F6F6 border=0><form> <input type=hidden name="sid" value="204492"> <tr><td align=center bgcolor=navy> <font size=2 color=white><b>Directory.M106.com Add link to Webdirectory Poll</b></font></td></tr> <tr><td align=center><font size=2><select name='n'> <option value=''>Score</option> <option value='n10'>10</option> <option value='n9'>9</option> <option value='n8'>8</option> <option value='n7'>7</option> <option value='n6'>6</option> <option value='n5'>5</option> <option value='n4'>4</option> <option value='n3'>3</option> <option value='n2'>2</option> <option value='n1'>1</option> </select><input type="button" value="Poll" onClick="external_vote(this.form)"></font></td> </tr></form></table> <!-- Vote Code End -->

Directory.M106.com Add link to Webdirectory Poll
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